September 2015 Jamberry Stylebox – What’s Your Lacquer Color?!

Take the Jamberry Stylebox quiz and find your signature style!

Jamberry now has 3 distinct styles that will go out each month, one classic, one trendy, and one feminine. If you are like me, you change up your style from time to time. Jamberry will now be debuting the upcoming style 7-10 days before the month starts which means you can change your style EVERY MONTH!

Check out September’s Stylebox and order yours here.

September Stylebox video:

Sign up for Stylebox and get EXCLUSIVE Jamberry products every month.  This month you will receive two exclusive wraps and bonus mystery nail lacquer!  Also included is a nail file, orange stick and monthly style guide.

Stylebox is only $25 per month and you get FREE SHIPPING!  Who doesn’t love free shipping!  Place your order for Stylebox before September 15th.







Have questions? Shoot me a message anytime here.

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