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Jamberry Nails in Michigan — FREEBIE - Archived

This does NOT happen very often.  Jamberry is offering TWO freebies when you purchase the Jamberry Starter Kit in February 2016.

In addition to receiving over $200 in product and marketing materials, you will also receive two exclusive wraps: Starry Night and Serendipity.

Join Jamberry in February

Did you know that you are not required to sell one single dollar of Jamberry after you join?  And you can just enjoy the Consultant discount?  Pretty cool, huh?  But if you do want to sell Jamberry and earn some extra money every month  you can do that too.  I love Jamberry because it gives me some extra spending cash every month.  I use it to pay for my horses board, pay for new tires and I used it to pay for Christmas gifts.  It is so nice to have the extra cash and not have to stress about things like tires and monthly bills.

In addition to the two freebies, you can also earn a $25 kit credit.  Want to know more?  Email me at




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